I'm Harrison Hough

Game Developer

About the project

Howl iOS App

Year of Project: 2019

NOTE: This application is no longer available for download as the company pivoted into another direction to create Ready Player Me.

I created this application while working at Wolf3D (now known as Ready Player Me) an Estonian startup company that makes personal 3D avatars from a single photo. Using their avatar generation technology we created Howl as a social calling and content creation application based around personal avatars with facial tracking. Users can generate their avatars from a selfie, from this we predict head shape and facial features and generate a personal 3D avatar for users. Users can then further customise their character and share pictures and videos of their avatars (with face tracking). Users can also "call" other users through a system that randomly matches users to one another for 1 on 1 calls using their face-tracked avatars.

Concept: A social and content creation app with personalized 3D avatars

Target Platform: Mobile (iOS,),

Aim: To create a social calling app where users don't need to show their face but can instead show a personalized avatar.

Mobile: Touch and tap controls for UI. Face-tracking using depth (and non depth) camera for avatar control

Skills Used/Learned:

  • C# Scripting
  • Unity development
  • iOS development
  • Networking using WebRTC
  • Native iOS (swift) development
  • ARKit development
  • App store submission/processes
  • Working with internal API's
  • Firebase and analytics for Unity
  • Working with 3rd party Unity plugins


  • Unity
  • Visual Studio/Rider
  • xCode
  • Git

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