I'm Harrison Hough

Game Developer

About the project

Super Dealer VR

This is a VR game I made for Code Red Marketing. I was tasked with creating a VR experience for the Oculus Rift that “gamified” what they do for their clients. The idea I came up with was that as the player you are armed with two “guns” that fire advertising campaigns at potential customers. The trick was to fire the correct ad campaign at the right customer. They were all colour coded and the different types were:

  • Social media
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Phone
  • Mail

Target Platform: VR (PC)

Content: I created the game by myself in Unity using C#. Most of the art and audio assets I sourced online with some of the 2D art also being created by in-house designers. The voice over audio we sourced from Amazon AI (text to speech).

Aim: Convert (shoot) as many customers with the correct ad campaign to achieve the highest score and the greatest ROI (Return on Investment)

For Oculus VR Headset

  • Head movement to look around
  • Oculus touch (hand controls) to move and aim weapons
  • Left and right triggers to shoot
  • Left and right thumbstick to switch gun modes

Skills Used/Learned:

3D Game development
VR Development
C# programming
Oculus Rift testing and development
3D Modeling
Creating Animation state systems
Using Unity Navmesh for Unit navigation


Visual Studio